Al-Hijrah School Birmingham

The Al Hijrah School in Birmingham was established in 1988 and was the very first initiative of Al Hijrah Trust. The aim was to provide a dynamic teaching and learning environment to prepare children to achieve academic success within an Islamic environment.

Al-Hijrah is the first voluntary-aided Muslim through-school in the UK and provided high quality national curriculum education with an Islamic ethos from age 6 through to 16. The school has five main aims. These are to enable pupils to become dedicated Muslims; confident, happy individuals; successful, independent learners; responsible citizens; and effective contributors to society. The school reflects an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding between children of different backgrounds. Al-Hijrah caters for nearly 800 pupils; approximately 400 children in the primary school, and 400 children in the secondary school.

The School is currently under the care of an Interim Executive Board. The key aspects of the school’s ethos are part of our philosophy.