hijrah community

Al-Hijrah Community Centre

The Al-Hijrah Community Centre in Birmingham offers three main services to the community.


Al-Hijrah provides residential accommodation free of charge to students who are Huffaz (have memorised the Quran) as they pursue further and higher education opportunities. Another aspect of this is the provision of bed and breakfast accommodation at Hob Moor Road, Birmingham site is to overseas postgraduate students.

Evening, Weekend & Tahfeez-ul-Quran School

Al-Hijrah hosts an evening & weekend school that encourages and imparts both religious and Quranic knowledge and practice. The Al Hijrah Evening School, established in 1993, is one of the Trust’s longest running projects and offers supplementary education to school-aged children through after-school classes. The Evening School fast became popular and soon children were placed on a waiting list. For some age groups, this is still the case today. Pupils of all gender and backgrounds are welcomed and over 3000 children have benefited since the start of the project.

The aim of the evening school is to nurture and support students to be responsible Muslim citizens by offering high quality and balanced teaching of the core principles of Islam in a caring learning environment. Students’ knowledge and skills are built through exposure to Islamic ethos, values and practices. This is intended to promote a culture of respect for all human beings and promote good citizenship by encouraging active and constructive participation in the community and society as a whole. Key areas offered include Islamic literature, history, Arabic, recitation of the Holy Book and the essence of prayer.

Today the Evening School runs both evening and weekend classes where over 300 children are enrolled, including specific classes for Somali children at the weekend and evenings. There are even specialist classes for parents who want to enroll their children for Qur’an only lessons where the focus is on perfecting the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Book.

Community Hall

The community centre also has a community hall that is available for hire. The venue can accommodate events such as weddings, community & educational events.