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Our Ethos

On 17th July 1988 the Al-Hijrah Trust was formed. Its role was to address the Muslim children’s educational needs in Britain as their cultural and religious requirements were not completely met through state education. The majority of Muslims attending state schools were not receiving instructions in Islamic morals and religious matters. Education has always been linked with Islam and human development. Realising the significance of this, a small group of British Muslims led by Brother Mohammad Abdul Karim Saqib met in Birmingham, the second largest city of the United Kingdom, and formed the Al-Hijrah Trust on 17th July 1988. Key aspects of the school’s ethos are;

  • Create a stimulating, safe and secure environment where all members of the school community can work to their full potential, feel valued and respected regardless of race, colour, disability or gender.
  • Nurture in students a tolerance of opinions, values and attitudes which are different from their own.
  • Enaale students to realise their full intellectual and physical potential.
  • Take account of the learning needs of each child and provide a learning environment that ensures the highest possible standards of achievement.
  • Promote the growth of Islamic values, including relationships based on tolerance, consideration and open-mindedness.
  • Develop students’ knowledge and understanding of themselves, intellectually, personally and socially.
  • Develop in students the ability to take responsibility for themselves, appropriate to their age.
  • Develop in children an understanding of their role in society and encourage them to take responsibility for the impact they have on their environment.
  • Equip children with foundation skills, attitudes and expectations necessary to prosper in a changing society and to encourage creativity and ambition.
  • Develop effective liaison with parents, external agencies and the local community.