Al-Hijrah Masjid

Established in 1994, AHM was intended to serve both in a spiritual and educational capacity. The Masjid project was created to serve the pupils of AL Hijrah Schools land the community surrounding it.

Today the Masjid is a key institute for the local community. Apart from being a place of worship, it is a centre for social activities for men, women and children as well as acting as an educational hub for the wider community. The Masjid is at the forefront of promoting events to raise awareness of acceptance, tolerance and cohesion amongst the different faiths, practices and schools of thought in the society we live in.

With the growing demand and the shortage of facilities, the Masjid is currently being extended to accommodate worshippers and the activities it holds. Part of the new extension will mean a brand new kitchen for ladies coffee morning. It will have new ablution [washing] areas for both men and women. The ground floor will be able to accommodate over 200 people for small events like Aqeeqah on the birth of a child and Iftaar during the month of Ramadhan. In total the Masjid be able to hold over 700 worshippers at any one time.

Please see the timetable for the prayers this August below (click to zoom).

AlHijrah_Masjid August Timetable