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Our Vision

A Good Word is like a Goodly Tree, Whose Roots are firmly fixed, and its branches are high to the sky, giving it fruits at all times, with the permission of its Lord.” (Al-Quran- Surah 14:24-25)

True education is the harmonious development of physical, mental and spiritual abilities”. All of Al-Hijrah’s educational establishments deliver a high level educational programme in an Islamic environment in which pupils can develop their understanding of Deen whilst achieving excellence in academics. The vision of Al-Hijrah Trust UK is to establish a better understanding of Islam and Muslims, and actively work for the betterment of society as a whole.

We are inspired by the profound emphasis on knowledge that is present in Islamic teachings and seek to share this further to empower young people and adults alike. Read in the name of you Lord (Quran 96:1) and seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave (saying of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh).