This is a video in English giving an overview of the Al-Hijrah Trust, which was established in 1988 in Birmingham. The main aim was to focus on educational matters regarding the Muslim children in the UK.

Al-Hijrah school is one of the projects of Al-Hijrah Trust. The Al-Hijrah trust is a trust which focuses on education, amongst the projects of the trust are the primary school and the secondary school which serve the community and educate pupils within an Islamic framework. Al-Hijrah primary and secondary school became in January 2012 the first Muslim faith through school in the UK. The most important project which Al-Hijrah is running is a project in Baluchistan in the town of Ziarat, which we started in 2004 especially for the poorest and the most deprived and deserving children.

We enroll the children from all the provinces of Baluchistan, and our slogan is to raise poverty through education and serve the community through education, build the society through education and build and change Pakistan and its future through education. We enroll two deprived deserving children (but talented) from every district of the province and bring them to Ziarat, where the campus is, where they live as a good human being, good Muslim, and good and loving serving Pakistani.