Become Part of our Journey this Ramadan

This year, we focus on two projects during Ramadan, the Masjid in Birmingham and school in Ziarat, Pakistan. Both projects are financially intensive and we are planning to undertake some improvements to improve our service to the Muslim community in the UK as well as in Pakistan. The donations we receive during the time of Ramadan will be invested in these particular projects;


  • Due to a growing demand, we need to build an extension to cater for our worshipers’ needs
  • The new extension will incorporate a brand new kitchen
  • There will be new ablution facilities for both men and women
  • The ground floor will be used to accommodate over 200 people for events
  • The new expansion will cater for necessary wheelchair access
  • The Masjid will be able to hold 800 worshippers at any one time
  • Work needs to be carry out on the roof of the Masjid
  • Quotes of £250,000 – £300,000 have been received for this type of work

For the details about donating to Masjid in Birmingham

Birmingham Masjid Online Donation Form Download PDF

Ziarat Project Campaign

  • Established in 2004
  • Ziarat is the most unique project from Al-Hijah Trust
  • This project is home to over 200 deserving children
  • Children here are given the same standard quality education as they would receive anywhere else
  • The project also caters for the accommodation, daily meals, clothing, medication and the books of every pupil
  • 140 Pupils from this project have continued their studies at universities
  • Every pupil at Hijrah Ziarat understands the value of education and realises why it’s necessary
  • Your generous and relentless support has meant that these dreams have become true
  • We are hopeful that we are able to open our doors to the hundreds of children of Baluchistan every single day

For the details about donating to School in Ziarat

School in Ziarat Donation Form and Details Download PDF

We appreciate whatever you give, if it’s a financial donation or giving us some of your time. Please get in touch with us for further information about the Ramadan appeal, we are happy to provide you with additional information. During Ramadan, we furthermore need volunteers and fundraisers. So if you feel like earning that extra reward during the blessed month and help change the lives of Muslim children, then please get in touch.