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As-salaamu ‘alaikum

For the past 28 years, Al Hijrah Trust has been devoted to providing Muslim children with outstanding education within an Islamic environment and has prepared them to meet the intellectual and social challenges of adult life.


Al Hijrah Trust has provided hundreds of children with a unique learning experience, since it gas been established. Al Hijrah Trust exists primarily to see its pupils flourish and we firmly believe that this can only be achieved through a sound and balanced education.


Our projects aim to provide the very best social and educational environment for every child, and ultimately seek to boost their physical, mental and spiritual development. This goal is achieved through setting and attaining high standards of practice, behaviour and an ethos of continous learning.


Al Hijrah Trust believes in educating parents and members of the community in general, in order to equip them with the appropriate tools so that they can effectively contribute towards enhancing their child’s education.


Al Hijrah Trust actively promotes landmarks events of the Islamic Heritage within the community. Every year the Trust publishes an Islamic lunar calendar to mark the Islamic New Year and a Rabi-ul-Awwal bulletin to mark the Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh).


Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a visit to any of our projects.


Thank you

aht booklet.cdr

M A K Saqib