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We are inspired by the profound emphasis on knowledge that is present in Islamic teachings...
Our Philosophy

The Al-Hijrah Trust is based on…

  • Our Ethos

    On 17th July 1988 the Al-Hijrah Trust was formed. Its role was to address the Muslim children’s educational needs in Britain as their cultural and religious requirements were not completely met through state education. The majority of Muslims attending state schools were not receiving instructions...... Read More

  • Our Objectives

    Since 1988 Al-Hijrah Trust UK has been engaged in a range of work to address the educational needs of Muslim children. The current situation is challenging. More than ½ million Muslim children are in UK state schools, in many cases their social, oral, spiritual and cultural needs...... Read More

  • Our Vision

    “A Good Word is like a Goodly Tree, Whose Roots are firmly fixed, and its branches are high to the sky, giving it fruits at all times, with the permission of its Lord.” (Al-Quran- Surah 14:24-25) “True education is the harmonious development of physical, mental...... Read More

  • Support Us

    Volunteering Help Al-Hijrah Trust by becoming a volunteer. We are always in need of enthusiastic, energetic, talented and skillful individuals. If you can spare a few hours a week, we’d love to hear from you. Spread the word You can help Al-Hijrah Trust by simply spreading the...... Read More

  • Welcome to Al Hijrah Trust

    As-salaamu ‘alaikum For the past 28 years, Al Hijrah Trust has been devoted to providing Muslim children with outstanding education within an Islamic environment and has prepared them to meet the intellectual and social challenges of adult life.   Al Hijrah Trust has provided hundreds...... Read More