Assalamu A'laykum & Peace be with you.

Al Hijrah is committed to educating and informing humanity about the noble and true message of Islam. We are working at grass-roots levels to help promote Islamic values of peace, unity, and respect. We believe this can be successfully achieved through delivering projects focused on Education and Engagement. Our work is focused around creating a cohesive environment where children could be educated both secular and religious subjects. Our projects have already made a big impact in the community. We have a number of successful projects in our portfolio and we wish to expand them in near future.

Since starting in early 90s, Al-Hijrah trust has continued to respond to the needs of our growing and diverse community, providing a place for the regular daily prayers in the heart of Birmingham, focused on the social and spiritual development and support of the entire community, and acting as a beacon for Muslims who are new to the faith, supporting and guiding them through correct Islamic teachings.

Our services and study provisions have also developed considerably, delivering lectures, counselling, training, recreational and educational trips and more for people of all ages and backgrounds, with clear visions and missions to implement many more services that will provide an Islamic Centre that is truly a centre of the community, as well as a place of prayer.

Al Hijrah is a non-profit making organisation in which all our volunteers work for free (for the sake of Allah). None of our members take a salary from Al Hijrah. Rather, we rely on your donations to continue and advance our work with the permission of Allah. We maintain a 100% donation policy and every single penny goes directly towards the projects. Not a single penny is used for other purposes.

Al Hijrah holds Islamic events, lectures and conferences, bringing in attendees from all walks of life. We have calibrated with many organisations globally, to educate non-Muslims and fellow Muslims about Islam and to remove misconceptions.

We are dedicated to the betterment of Muslims and the society at large. We draw our strength and guidance from the Holy Qur`an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be bestowed upon him.