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Our Projects in Pakistan

The flagship project of Al-Hijrah trust is Al-Hijrah School, Ziarat, which sits on an 86 acre site surrounded by an ancient Juniper woodland.

The school site has been provided by the government of Baluchistan. The purpose built campus and its surroundings fresh air and greenery provides and environment conducive to learning free from urban disturbances offering a quality education to the children of Baluchistan.

Baluchistan is a land of extremities where temperatures range from blistering highs of 50C to sub zero lows of -20 C; where mountains peak above the clouds and valleys etch deep into the rocks below.

It is Pakistan’s largest province, covering an area of 347,188 km² – 1 1/2 times the size of UK. However, some would term it as   to larger province with too small population”, with its population of 5.8 million people. Ziarat is set in the upper Highlands (locally known as Khorasan) amongst mountains reaching up to 12,000 feet in height. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, spent his last days at Ziarat Residency which is now a National Monument.

  • Al-Hijrah School Ziarat

    The Al-Hijrah campus in Pakistan was opened in 2004 as a full-time residential school for deprived children in Baluchistan province. The school is run on a totally charitable basis, and provide all education and living costs for the students, from books and clothes to daily...... Read More

  • Sponsor a Child’s Education

    Sponsor a child’s education and more in the Baluchistan province! A child’s education is one of the most important parts of their lives. It gives them the chance to learn and grow as individuals, as well as learn to work as part of a team....... Read More

News from Pakistan

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This is a video in English about the Al-Hijrah School in Ziarat, in the South-West of Pakistan. In Baluchistan,  our purpose is to provide children with an…

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