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Our Projects

Since 1988, Al-Hijrah Trust has been engaged in a range of work to address the educational needs of Muslim Children throughout the world. Today we have five main projects in Pakistan and the UK, which incorporate different activities.

The flagship project of Al-Hijrah Trust is Al-Hijrah School in Ziarat, Pakistan, which sits on an 86 acre site surrounded by an ancient Juniper woodland. The school site has been provided by the government of Baluchistan. The purpose built campus and its surroundings fresh air and greenery provides and environment conducive to learning free from urban disturbances offering a quality education to the children of Baluchistan.

There are ½ million Muslim pupils in UK state schools. A large number of these pupils’ academic performance is below average. Their moral and spiritual well-being is of great concern to us all. Al-Hijrah Trust run a number of successful educational projects here in the UK to address these important issues.

Find out more about each of our projects and the news from our work in Pakistan and the UK.

Al-Hijrah School Ziarat (!) Al-Hijrah School Birmingham (!) Al-Hijrah Islamic Library (!) Al-Hijrah Al-Hijrah Masjid (!) Al-Hijrah Community Centre (!)