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We are inspired by the profound emphasis on knowledge that is present in Islamic teachings...
Our Success Stories

The stories of our pupils…

  • Success story from Abdul

    My family’s situation before coming to Al-Hijrah was not encouraging. There was no hope of betterment for my family; there was no literate person in my entire family. My brother was extremely worried about our education because our financial status was not allowing us to...... Read More

  • Success story from ???

    Al-Hijrah is a paradise especially for under privileged people. We were provided everything and that too for free. Al-Hijrah with its facilities is a dream coming for life for the poor. A single Graduate Student can be a guide in his family and society and...... Read More

  • Success story from Sarwar

    The condition of my family was not different from a common lower middle class family. Although my family wanted to educate all of us in a standard educational institution but our economic condition was not allowing us. In such a dismal situation Al-Hijrah was our...... Read More