Welcome to Al Hijrah Trust


As-salaamu ‘alaikum
For the past 30 years, Al Hijrah Trust has been devoted to providing Muslim children with outstanding education within an Islamic environment and has prepared them to meet the intellectual and social challenges of adult life. The overwhelming response and support from you have meant that our schools projects have been oversubscribed for fifteen years running.
Al Hijrah Trust has provided hundreds of children with a unique learning experience every year, since it has been established. Al Hijrah exists primarily to see its pupils flourish and we firmly believe that this can only be achieved through a sound and balanced education.
Our projects aim to provide the very best social and educational environment for every child, and ultimately seek to boost their physical, mental and spiritual development. This goal is achieved through setting and attaining high standards of practice, behaviour and an ethos of continuous learning.
We hope the following pages will provide you with a glimpse of life at Al Hijrah, its mission and activities. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a visit to any of our projects.
Thank you.

Al Hijrah Masjid

Established in 1994, Al Hijrah Masjid is serving both in a spiritual and educational capacity. The Masjid project was created to serve the pupils of Al Hijrah Schools and the surrounding community.

With the growing demand and the shortage of facilities, the Masjid is in the process of an expansion to accommodate worshippers and create room for the activities it holds. Part of the new extension will incorporate a brand new kitchen which will mean a spacious area for sisters to hold their coffee mornings. There will be new ablution [wudu] facilities for both men and women. The ground floor will be able to accommodate over 200 people for events like Aqeeqah on the birth of a child and Iftaar during the month of Ramadhan. The new expansion will cater for access for wheelchair users and a lift to the first floor. In total, the Masjid will be able to hold 1000 worshippers at any one time.

With the endless cooperation, patience and support from the community, the Masjid project is progressing. The kitchen, ablution areas, ground and first floors are complete. The next phase is to begin work on the roof of the Masjid, which will entail a second floor and dome. This phase will cost £130,000 and Alhamdolillah we have the funds to start this phase.

The total cost of the expansion is £450,000. We have £130,000 and we need to raise £320,000 over the next year. For this, we need the support of the local community and congregation.

 Your support to the House of Allaah [swt], regardless of big or small will be a Sadaqah Jariyah for you and insha’Allaah you will gain the reward of every worshipper who prays in this Masjid. Al Hijrah Evening School, established in 1993, is one of the Trust’s longest running projects and offers supplementary education to school-aged children through after-school classes. The Evening School fast became popular and soon children were placed on a waiting list. For some age groups, this is still the case today. Pupils of all gender and backgrounds are welcomed and over 3000 children have benefited since the start of the project.

The aim of the evening school is to nurture and support students to be responsible Muslim citizens by offering high quality and balanced teaching of the core principles of Islam in a caring learning environment. Students’ knowledge and skills are built through exposure to Islamic ethos, values and practices. This is intended to promote a culture of respect for all human beings and promote good citizenship by encouraging active and constructive participation in the community and society as a whole. Key areas offered include Islamic literature, history, Arabic, recitation of the Holy Book and the essence of prayer.

Today the Evening School runs both evening and weekend classes where over 300 children are enrolled. There are even specialist classes for parents who want to enrol their children for Qur’an only lessons where the focus is on perfecting the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Book.

  • 2012

    April 25, 2012
    Al Hijrah Primary School gains Voluntary Aided status
  • 2006

    April 25, 2006
    Al Hijrah Trust marks the first ever celebration of the Islamic New year by hosting the first event of its kind in the city. Also to mark the event Al Hijrah Trust launch the first ever ALL Islamic Calendar to highlight the importance of the Islamic months.
  • 2005

    April 25, 2005
    Al Hijrah School achieves its highest ever GCSE at 96% including English and Maths
  • 2005

    April 25, 2005
    Al Hijrah Trust launches Al Hijrah Training Academy to deal with the development of Teachers, Parents, Governors and Pupils
  • 2004

    April 25, 2004
    Al Hijrah Trust establishes Al Hijrah Residential School & College in the city of Ziarat in Balochistan.
  • 2003

    April 25, 2003
    Al Hijrah Trust launch Al Hijrah Library project in Birmingham
  • 2002

    April 25, 2002
    Voluntary Aided Status granted to Al Hijrah Secondary School
  • 2000

    July 25, 2000
    Official Inauguration Ceremony of the new campus by HRH Prince Hasan bin Talal of Jordan and the Lord Mayor of the city at the time
  • 2000

    July 25, 2000
    HRH Prince Hasan bin Talal and Lord Nazir Ahmed become Patrons of Al Hijrah Trust
  • 1999

    April 25, 1999
    After a mammoth repair and renovation project, Al Hijrah School moved into its new campus at Cherrywood Centre. The new campus was able to accommodate 800 pupils
  • 1998

    September 5, 1998
    Al Hijrah Trust are approached by Birmingham City Council, the owners of Cherrywood Centre at the time and are told that the highest bidder had pulled out so the Council was now happy to consider the Trust’s bid, as they were the second highest bidder.
  • 1998

    June 14, 1998
    Al Hijrah Trust purchase Cherrywood Centre as the new campus for Al Hijrah School
  • 1997

    December 9, 1997
    Due to the oversubscription and lack of capacity at Al Hijrah School campus, the Trust put in a bid for the Cherrywood Centre with the intention of making this the new and bigger campus of the School. Al Hijrah Trust did not win the bid
  • 1997

    April 25, 1997
    Schools from Pakistan, India and Indonesia after having visited Al Hijrah School, approach Al Hijrah Trust and seek their guidance in implementing our ethos in their schools
  • 1996

    May 21, 1996
    Al Hijrah Trust establish Al Hijrah College. The College ran for two consecutive years and ALL pupils who attended gained four A Levels in each year
  • 1995

    July 25, 1995
    First GCSE examinations take place where pupils achieve 57% A-C, making Al Hijrah School among top 11 in the city
  • 1994

    April 25, 1994
    Al Hijrah Trust launches its third project, Al Hijrah Masjid to serve the local community and pupils of Al Hijrah Schools
  • 1993

    April 12, 1993
    Al Hijrah Trust establishes its second project, Al Hijrah Evening School in Birmingham
  • 1990

    December 29, 1990
    Al Hijrah School moves to a new location at Midland House, 71 Hobmoor Road, Birmingham
  • 1988

    October 11, 1988
    Al Hijrah Trust’s first project, Al Hijrah School is provisionally registered with the DfE.     Number of pupils are 8, location is Central Masjid Birmingham
  • 1988

    July 25, 1988
    Al Hijrah Trust established