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About Our Mosque

We are an established Masjid that Care for then Educational Needs, Humanitarian Needs and Youth Needs. We are an integral part of our Community and are more than just pray facilities but a HUB FOR ALL.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith and Humanity

We Pride ourselves on being innovators in integrating societies, no amtter what our differences, cultural beliefs, systemic beliefs, religious beliefs are. We are here to support our community and in doing so hope to lead our future generation to success through strong leadership and understanding of all beliefs. This culture will embed our future Youth with the tools to better their own lives and Humanity at large.

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to provide our Youth and Community with the tools they need to succeed. To succeed in their own futures but as they become better individuals and the best of who they can be to understand that true leadership is bringing those around you with you. To be people who can help raise the ranks of not just themselves but those around them and empower each other to have the same ethos and thus helping to improve humanity through generations to come. 

Our purpose is to deliver young entrepeneurs who can embody the beliefs of Islam into their lives and understand what being a true muslim is all about. To help others, to support one another to believe in ONE GOD. 





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Our Beliefs & Values

Through Education and Correct Islamic Teachings we can empower each other to stand up for Justice, to do what is right rather than what is easy, to stand up in the face of opression and stand up for those being opressed regardless of diffrences in belief. To educate ourselves in the teachings of the Propher Muhammad PBUH and live our lives in accordance to the teachings of the Quran and Suannah. 


To bring together people from different faith backgrounds and belief systems in order to increase our understanding of each others faiths and to learn to respect each others differences and bring about harmony amongst us as mankind. 


The very understanding and one of the core beliefs in Islam is Peace. Peace between people in their own households, peace between people in their work force, peace between people in their communities, peace for all. 


To Love and respect each other for the pleasure of Allah. To love each other for the pleasure of Allah so we can earn Allahs Mercy upon us and benefit from this in this life and the next. 


Bringing together community is at the heart of our focus. To bring together the community to educate each other of the problems in the world and to help make a more humble environment where we can all walk safe at night and know that as a community we look out for each others well being. 


Through implementing all of the above success would be achieved in this life and the next. May Allah grant us all with the highest ranks in Jannah, Ameen.